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bristBrist is one of the southernmost localities of the Makarska riviera, about 40 km distant from Makarska. It is situated between the sea and the mountain Biokovo. Over the several last decades Brist, as also the majority of places on our coast has been oriented entirely toward tourism. There are presently about 445 inhabitants living in Brist mainly engaged in tourist industry. The locality itself has available about 550 beds in holiday flats, small boarding houses and villas. It is the very place if you are looking forward to a holiday in a peaceful and quiet environment with beautiful gravel beaches, enjoying the authentic Dalmatian atmosphere, in close vicinity of the lagest tourist centers.

Nowadays it extends along the very coast, but in the past it was situated in higher regions of the mountain as may be seen from the remains of many cultural and historical monuments. The graves from the Bronze and Iron Ages show evidence of the Brist history. The name Brist comes fro elm family (Ulmaceae) and dates from 1571., but this settlement is much older and to confirm it there is the medieval standing tombstone in the form of a case, which may be seen in the old village, above the present settlement. The tombstone is beautifully ornamented and the local people have named it "Turkish tomb".

In the old village, which was abandoned at the end of the 19th century, there is a baroque church of St. Margaret. It is thought thatbrist_new1 the church was built in the 15th century. There is still preserved the apse with a Gothic vault, incorporated in the dilapidated baroque church. In the apse there are sepulchral slabs of the Kacic family.Surrounding the church of St. Margaret there are the remains of the old village, stone houses, and in one of them with loopholes was born according to oral tradition one of the most notable Croatian poets, Andrija Kacic Miosic (1704.-1760.), the author of the work.

The pleasant conversations of Croatian folk?, the most read work of the Croatian literature, which until today was publoshed in over 60 editions. In front of the house which is thought to be the house of the old man Milovan, as Kacic used to call himself in his poems, there has been constructed a small wall with a memorial plaque. In present Brist, at the outer eastern wall of the St. Margaret church, there is also a memorial to Fra A.K. Miosic. Close to St. Margaret Church at Brist on 30th September 1960., there has been erected a bronze monument to Fra Andrija Kacic Miosic, the work of the great Croatian sculptor, Ivan Mestrovic (1883.-1962.).

Church of St.Margaret in Brist was built in 1870., but it contains well preserved much older works, brought over probably from the old church of St. Margaret in the old village. One of its three marble altars adorns the painting of St.Margaret from the 18th century. In the church there is also the painting of St. Anthony from 1940., the work of modern Croatian painter Gabriel Jurkic (1886.-1974.). At Brist there is also a small church of St. Anthony close to the coast dating from 1807., where may be seen a big painting of Our Lady with St.Anthony and St.John, most likely a Venetian work from the16th or 17th century. Near the church of St. Anthony at the very coast, there is row of houses Miosic and brist-beach-old-houseDiana, dating from the 18th century in the category of protected cultural monuments.

In addition to the alredy mentioned protected cultural monuments (old church of St.Margaret, a native house of Fra A.K. Miosic, a standing tombstone in the old village, a row of baroque houses on the shore), a cultural monument is also the elementary school building in Brist at Slakovac, built in 1878., although the elementary school education in Brist dates from 1863. The elementary school occuoies the sama buildind still today.

Brist is greatly proud of Fra A.K. Miosic. Apart from him, Brist has also given to the present day Croatian culture another two important authors. A poet, play wright and esseyist Srecko Dijana was born in Brist on March 6, 1906. and died in Split. One of the greatest living Croatian painters Mladen Veza was born in Brist on 7.2.1916. and presently he lives and works in Zagreb. The most frequently occurring motif in his paintings is his native Brist.

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